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As of Monday 19th May 2014, there will be no more updates to this blog. I've had this thing for five years now and lately I've found myself with less and less time to create content and keep this blog as active as it used to be.

When I made this blog in 2009 I never thought it'd get as popular as it has and I thank all 11,362 of you for all of your recommendations, conversations, complements and support. You're all fantastic people and I've loved being part of the horror community on Tumblr.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following. - Ryan

August 06 2012, 01:49 PM

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seyfrieds: There's also a Paranormal Activity 4 coming, but I bet you knew that already.

I did. I won’t be watching it though. The third one nearly bored me into a coma.

  1. seyfrieds said: Same hahah.
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