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Review | Fright Night

Released September 2th 2011 | ★★★

The endless string of horror movie remakes is continued with 2011’s Fright Night. Starring Colin Farrell, David Tennant and Christopher Mintz-Plasse this remake of the 1985 film takes a slightly different route, telling the story of teen Charley Brewster who suspects that his new neighbour is a vampire after being tipped off by his nerdy former friend Ed (Mintz Plasse). It’s not a major change from the original, the basic story is intact with just a few minor plot differences and a few more chuckles.

My low expectations for this movie probably played a large part in convincing me that this is actually a remake on a par with the original. David Tennant steals the show as Peter Vincent, now a vampire killer in a Las Vegas show and Colin Farrell does a fantastic job as the creepily sinister vampire Jerry. I did feel that Christoper Mintz-Plasse was miscast as Ed. He just doesn’t seem to play him as strongly as Stephen Geoffreys did in the original, making his character seem a bit too 2-dimensional and taking away much of the humour that Geoffreys’ portrayal as Ed possessed.

Another minor thing I noticed, which is starting to become the norm in new horror movies, was the mediocre CGI. Although not as overused as in this year’s The Thing “prequel”, it took away from the action for the most part. Especially when it was used pretty unconvincingly for blood. However, Fright Night is an admirable remake and a real surprise considering the quality of other recent horror movie remakes. The eagle-eyed viewer may also be able to spot a small cameo from Chris Sarandon, who played Jerry in the original movie.